what sort of fixative do you use?
I do not put a spray permanent fixative on boards due to the constant need for price changes. If artwork needs to be protected I usually use non-glare plexiglass.
How much do you charge?
I cannot give a definitive price until I know the dimensions, the quantity and time frame the boards. Send me an email with your requirements ( size, general idea, molding, etc) I will give you a price when I have all the information available to me.
Are you available to make changes and update the work?
For any changes I will come back and fix them as long as they are in the greater Seattle area. I like to keep the original work in tact as opposed to someone else making any new additions. Charges depend on involvement.
Do you ship your work or deliver?
I can pick up and deliver to you if you live in the Western Washington region. Shipping and handling rates apply to different locations.
I don't have a chalkboard for my menu, what do I do?
If you do not have a chalkboard, I can obtain them, either through a vendor, or I make them myself.